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Is snoring part of the deal?

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This article first appeared in the Sound Telegraph as an instalment of my Balancing Act column. I thought I’d uploaded it … but it turns out I didn’t. I wrote it about four or five years ago and not a lot has changed.

Years ago when Bear was a bub, nearly everything he did was, in the words of my four-year-old neighbour, “so cute”. The gurgles, the raspberries, the giggles, smiles and even random bottom burps (though the projectile vomiting was not really that cute)… but I really loved hearing him snore. I used to stand and listen to his baby snores and smile in a satisfied new-mum way – it meant he wasn’t crying (at which point the smile slowly faded). He made this adorable (sorry Bear, but it was) “puh” noise at times as the air escaped his tiny lips. The first time I heard it I couldn’t…

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