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Hearing Voices

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I’ve been hearing voices. Lately I’ve started listening to audio books when I’m driving (I drive a lot because the Fab Four has to go to school, part-time jobs, friends’ houses, gym … you know, the whole unpaid chauffeur routine). Two weeks ago it was That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott; this week, it’s Shopaholic Gets Married by Sophie Kinsella. A big genre variation, I know … but, I’m not apologising!

It fascinates me when the actor reading the book puts on different voices to differentiate characters. Often they do it remarkably well, seamlessly weaving in male-female, accents, ages and even class distinctions. Clever. Do you have friends who do the same thing when they tell you stories? Use boy voices and girl voices when they tell you what he said and she said? I do. I won’t out them here, but it goes a bit like this.

Bella Sometimes I…

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