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Ask a stupid question

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Did you know there’s an Ask a Stupid Question Day? Apparently there is in the USA (in September). Here in Australia we don’t celebrate commemorate make a big deal of a singular Ask a Stupid Question day, but that could be a way of leaving our options open … an open-ended get out of jail free card, if you will, for the days when we ask a stupid question and save face with “Oh, but it’s Ask a Stupid Question Day, mate, I was just kiddin’ … ya really think I’m that stupid?”

I think the digital universe saved a whole bunch of Ask a Stupid Question Day questions for me today, as if I was singled out to be the recipient of some bigger-than-me cyber-space prank. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of stupidity.

Ask a Stupid Question Day Scenario 1 – at work

Work web page: Do you wish to save…

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