With all the hallmarks of a rom-com, Under Her Spell is a story that would make for a great movie. At only 40 pages, it has a tightly packed plot that is precisely executed. With sparkling dialogue, adorable introspection from Oliver, and a cute word quirk from Kaylie, it’s a story I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.THERESA SMITH WRITES, AUTHOR

“Under Her Spell left me smiling from ear to ear with its light and humorous take on a couple negotiating the difficult pathway to love. Despite the small size, this novella had the power to sweep me up in the tugging emotions, high drama and difficult decisions one often has to make when beginning a relationship.” MRS B’S BOOK REVIEWS

“Gorgeous, fun and effortlessly romantic. Loved it.” CAROLYN WREN, AUTHOR


“The Point of Love absolutely rocks! The love story that surrounds Lexie and Thor, oh I mean Andrew, left me wanting more. I really enjoyed it and I am sure that Rocky Romance readers will too. Thank you so much for writing this fabulous romance story.” KAREN WEAVER, AUTHOR

“I found myself smiling throughout most of this story, as it was packed with so much positive emotion, regardless of the betrayal and heartache. Monique Mulligan has given a whole new meaning to romance, with such hard-hitting environmental and emotional issues condensed into a very well told short story.” READER’S FAVOURITE, 5-STAR REVIEW

“A dazzling, sexy, short story brimming with humour and sparks all the way!” JEN’S PEN


“Children and adults alike will crack up into giggles and snickers as Fergus farts his way to recognition in this charmingly vulgar story. Mulligan uses rhyme to introduce vocabulary such as ‘sulphurous’, ‘scrawny’, ‘mammoth’, and ‘corpse-like, partnering Rooke’s fittingly bold, cartoon-like illustrations. This book will stimulate all sorts of important discussion, while reminding us not to take life too seriously.” WRITING WA

“To call Fergus the Farting Dragon a kids’ book is to do it an injustice, because I really believe it’s impossible for anyone from 1-100 to read this book and not be smiling by the end. Well written, with a great story and brilliant illustrations, it’s a true ‘keeper’. In other words…buy it for the kids in your family, but buy an extra one for yourself.” CAROLYN WREN, AUTHOR

Fergus the Farting Dragon is a funny story which utilises lots of fart words which I think will appeal to children as they giggle their way through the story. But it also has the key messages of embracing one’s differences and figuring out a way to make them work for you in the end, much like Fergus did.” BUZZ WORDS



“This heartfelt picture book celebrates the unique quirks children notice about their mother. Told cleverly through the eyes of a child, the book captures the special memories of those loveable but often cringeworthy moments children remember most about growing up. The combination of engaging and thoughtful text, with visually appealing illustrations, makes this book the perfect tribute to all mums.” AMANDA, GOODREADS

“Congratulations on a charming, captivating story that’s likely to become a favourite among youngsters.” MAUREEN, GOODREADS

“Adults will be able to relate to the antics of this silly mum while kids will love to join in – perhaps with a knowing eye-roll in sympathy with the protagonist or with a squeal of delight when they recognise ‘their’ silly mum.” SANDI, AMAZON

“The book is full of funny moments, and the illustrations (like the Eskimo mouse) simply enhance this factor.” ANGELA, AMAZON