Dancing with the vacuum cleaner … making my dinner into funny faces. My mum is so silly she drives me nuts! Sometimes I wish my mum wasn’t so silly  … or do I?

With delightful illustrations and a hearty sprinkling of humour, My Silly Mum captures the eye-rolling, face-palming moments of growing up with a mother who still remembers what it’s like to be a child.

For ages 3-8.

“The combination of engaging and thoughtful text, with visually appealing illustrations, makes this book the perfect tribute to all mums.” AMANDA BARRETT, MRS B REVIEWS

“Children will laugh out loud at all the silly things mum does and mums will relate to a mother facing the challenges of parenting in the modern world, in this fun and ultimately poignant story.” WRITING TIME

“I like the use of the hand-written, different-sized font, the occasional speech bubble and the bold colours.  This all makes this book a very enjoyable reading experience for kids and adults.” READING TIME


Also available from Amazon in hardcover and as a Kindle version.