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Author Danielle Hawkins won me over with Dinner at Rose’s, and kept me with Chocolate Cake for Breakfast. Here’s the blurb of her latest novel.:

On the outskirts of a small New Zealand seaside town, Lia and her friend Anna work serious hours running their restored cafe. The busy season is just around the corner, and there are other things to occupy them. Anna is about to marry Lia’s twin brother, and Lia’s ex-boyfriend seems not to understand it’s over.

When a gorgeous stranger taps on Lia’s window near midnight and turns out not to be a serial killer, she feels it’s a promising sign. But the past won’t let them be, and Lia must decide whether events rule her life or she does.

The Pretty Delicious Café is another delightful read from Danielle Hawkins. It’s light-hearted, self-deprecating and charming, with quirky and engaging characters who draw out the themes of friendship, family and living life to the full. The romance element offers plenty of warm and fuzzy moments despite some pretty hefty complications in the background. That said, the complications are played down in favour of Lia and Jed following their hearts.  I’ve always enjoyed the foodie element in Hawkins’ novels, so that’s even more of a plus for me.

Available from good bookstores (RRP $29.99). My copy was courtesy of HarperCollins.