A book trailer: #RockyRomance

What do you think of #book trailers?

I’ve seen some pretty good book trailers in the past, but the one that stands out is one Pan Macmillan released for Louise Moggach’s Kiss Me First. No ordinary book trailer, it was an app that enabled viewers to engage with the key theme of online identity and recreated the book’s unsettling atmosphere. I logged in with Facebook and watched my own details appear in the trailer, which was freaky.

Recently I made a book trailer for Rocky Romance using iMovie. What do you think of it? It’s not freaky or hard-hitting, but I do think it sets the scene (and highlights the beautiful Rockingham landscape). Next time I’ll work on the lengthening the transition times – it was my first attempt. If it makes you want to buy the book, which features my romance “The Point of Love”, check out Amazon or serenitypress.org

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