Midweek Moment #8

Midweek Moment

This week Louise and I have gone two different routes with our photos – about the only thing we have in common is a brownish colour.

My photo this week is a macro shot of some buttons on an old case organ (circa approx 1911) in the museum in Bridgetown (the scene of a writing research trip). I love the old-fashioned font spelling out the word Trumpet. The organ was owned by the Freemasons from 1911-1994 before being donated to the museum.


Louise challenged herself to take a foodie photo of coffee and brownies (a treat for her daughter who’s studying for her Year 12 mock exams). Her previous coffee photos hadn’t turned out the way she wanted, so she covered a sunny window with a sheet and, as if by magic, the harsh light and shadows became diffuse and soft.



Once a week, Louise (of Louise Allan: Life From the Attic) and I team up to share creative photos on our websites. It’s all part of our challenge to stretch ourselves creatively.