Midweek Moment #5

Midweek Moment

This week Louise and I have decided to share close-ups of insects spotted while taking photos of flowers. Click on the photos for a larger image.


My photo is of a not-so-cute bull ant that was sending me strong “Go away” vibes while backing away on a tree trunk. I had the macro lens on and managed to get centimetres away; the ant was not impressed, so I made it quick.

unnamed (1)

Louise’s shot is of a bee collecting pollen from a One-sided bottlebrush (Calothamnus quadrifidus). It’s so hard to capture bees in flight, but she managed it.


Once a week, Louise (of Louise Allan: Life From the Attic) and I team up to share creative photos on our websites. It’s all part of our challenge to stretch ourselves creatively.