For the last week I’ve been getting up early, making a cup of tea and writing. Those who know me, know I’m not really a morning person, so this is a BIG deal. Getting up earlier does have its advantages – it’s quiet and all my usual distractions are at work or in bed (save the four-legged purring one who is miffed at missing her morning cuddle). I also get to see the sun rise, rather than be rudely awakened by its attention-seeking behaviour in warmer months. I’m not ready to share the bigger pieces of work I’m playing around with, but I thought I’d share two haiku I scribbled down earlier today.

This one was inspired by the soft dawn light this morning:

Palest pink!

Dawn’s palette gently awakens

my mind to a new day.

This one was inspired by the lake I drive past each morning for school drop-off … I wish I’d had my camera (and the time) to stop and take a photo, but I’m hoping words work:

Rising mist on lake

Softens the chill of a

winter morn.

I’m having fun. And I just had this idea of combining photography and haiku …