If you could choose any of these things for your birthday, which would you choose?

  1. An autographed copy of a book by your favourite author (living or dead);
  2. Dinner with your favourite author;
  3. A day out with your favourite book character of all time;
  4. A book nook designed just for you and filled with books; or
  5. A book a week for the rest of your life?

Why do I ask? I’m celebrating two things today. First of all, and most importantly, it was my two-year blog-oversary recently. Two years of reviewing books and interviewing authors online, and it’s passed so fast! Secondly, I’ve finally reached 500 likes on Facebook, which has taken just as long to build up as I’ve been blogging. To celebrate, I’m giving away a special prize, and no, it’s none of the above. Such a shame, I know, but, I hope the following five-book pack will make up for it.


Yes, all these books will be sent to one AU reader (sorry, postage costs too high for international readers). Who wants to win this pack?

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  1. Add a comment telling me which of the only-in-in-your-dreams bookish presents you’d choose if you could, and why. Is it the autographed book (which one?), dinner or day out (with whom?), book nook (describe it) or the book a week option?
  2. If you LIKE my Facebook page after reading this post, I will give you an extra chance to win. Simply post a message on the page so I know, and I’ll give you an extra chance to win.
  3. If you FOLLOW me on Twitter after reading this post, I will give you an extra chance to win. Simply tweet a hello to me, mentioning this post, and I’ll give you an extra chance to win.

I’d like a day out with my favourite book character … it’s just choosing which one that’s hard. I always wanted to be ‘bosom buddies’ (that’s BFF in today’s lingo) with Anne from Anne of Green Gables, but I’d also love a day cooking chocolate with Vianne from Chocolat. 

I’ll draw the winner on Sunday, Feb 9 after 6pm and will contact the winner by email. I’ll also post winner details here and one Facebook. Good luck!