Want to win a book? How about a book pack of all these titles?


Just in time for summer reading (in Australia), I have one pack containing all of the above titles to give away, thanks to the team at Morey Media and Harlequin. All you have to do is read the 12 Tips to Finding Love This Summer (below), kindly shared by romance authors Rachael Johns, Victoria Purman, Mandy Magro and Tricia Stringer, and tell me which tip is your favourite. Easy!

The competition is open to AU readers only due to postage costs and will close on January 5. One winner will be chosen at random. With no further ado, here are the 12 Tips:

Bestselling author Rachael Johns – Outback Dreams

  • If you’re looking for love, look under your nose. Maybe that person you’ve always thought of only as a really good friend could actually be a lot more than that to you.
  • Be yourself! Love yourself! If you are confident and happy, you’ll be a lot more appealing to potential lovers!
  • Try something that you’ve always wanted to do – learn a language, learn to cook, join a cycling club! Not only will you have fun but you’re very likely to meet like-minded people!

Debut author Victoria Purman – Nobody But Him

  • Go to the beach for your summer holidays.Buy a body board and hit the waves. Take surfing lessons. Go for long walks. Drink champagne on the beach at sunset. All of these things will help you relax and leave all the stresses of the work year behind you.
  • Take friends with you and maybe they’ll bring along a friend you’ve never met before. All this serious relaxing will make you laugh and smile. A lot. And there is nothing sexier than a smile.

One of Australia’s favourite authors Mandy Magro – Driftwood

  • Knock down the walls and show your true self.
  • Find intimacy through meaningful conversation.
  • Physical attraction and mind blowing sex DOES matter!

2013 RUBY Award winner Tricia Stringer – Right as Rain

  •  Take a holiday on your own to a totally different place.
  • Throw yourself into a project that requires you to frequent hardware shops for advice (even if you don’t need it)
  • Buy yourself an outfit picked by a talented shop assistant that’s a different look for you and wear it out even if it’s just to your local!

So … which one is your favourite? I liked all the tips but here’s my favourite: Find intimacy through meaningful conversation. Thanks Mandy for that!

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