Author: Jennifer St. George
Destiny Romance  eBook $4.99
Review: Monique Mulligan

Seducing The Secret HeiressSynopsis: Diamond heiress, Charlotte Wentworth, is passionate about two things – cooking and her billionaire fiancée, Paul. That is, until she finds Paul has been unfaithful. Shocked, she flees to Europe where she is determined to build a life of her own without her family’s name, fortune or connections.  When she meets gorgeous Englishman, Gabe Grenville, a famous reality TV producer, sparks fly. Charlotte passes herself off as a lowly catering assistant but soon finds herself a star on his TV cooking show. But how will he react when he discovers Charlotte’s true identity? And Paul has not given up – he has his own agenda for forcing Charlotte to return to Australia and marry him.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read category romance – I’m thinking it was back in my school days. It’s not really my thing – a bit fluffy and predictable for me. When I was offered this eBook, I took up the offer mainly because I had a new Kindle and I wanted to try it out.

Seducing the Secret Heiress was pretty much what I expected – a light, quick read perfect for killing time in between appointments (which is exactly how I read it). There were no surprises with the storyline. What did surprise me was that I actually did like the characters, Charlotte and Gabe; while it was obvious where the story was heading (to bed, of course, but more importantly, to love), I found myself hoping the nasty Paul would get his just desserts.

For those who love category romance, this is a pleasant read with sizzling chemistry between the would-be lovers. Will you make you blush? Probably not – there are really only one or two detailed sex scenes in the book and they’re probably on the warm, but not explicit, side. Overall, it’s a short and sweet read with its focus squarely on the hero and the heroine … and that’s what lovers of this genre want.

Available from Destiny Romance. This copy was courtesy of Destiny Romance via Netgalley.