It’s getting closer to the read along of My Hundred Lovers. The ‘event’ is being hosted by Bree Testa (1girl2manybooks) and she is doing a great job of stirring up the excitement. I can just imagine Blue Eyes’ face when he sees what I’m up to now!
Here’s a link to Bree’s blog in case you are interested in what the read along is aiming to do.
The bloggers involved should be receiving their copies very soon and as we read we’ll be chatting about our responses to the book – it could be a bit of an eye-opener, since Bree has been warned it’s “brutally honest”.
On another note, I’ve uploaded a couple more reviews since yesterday – French Ties by Jane Webster (I want to be Jane’s friends so I can stay at her chateau in France) and Sex and Other Stuff, an informative non-fiction read for young adults by Annie Rose. Perhaps reading that one will prepare me for My Hundred Lovers?