Sunset over the salt lakes, Baldivis

It’s late at night and here I am in front of the computer, trying to catch up on emails and a to-do list that makes me want to hide under my Grandma blanket. Beside me are three books to review, a page of notes (more to-do’s, work related) and an open diary (with lots of things scribbled in it, like author interviews). To say I am feeling a bit overwhelmed is probably an understatement. Because these to-do’s don’t even include the ones on my mum list.

You know how it is, don’t you? Many of you are also juggling too many things, trying way too hard to be Supermum in a world that keeps on expecting more (now that’s a post for another day). Remember the BK (before kids) days when you thought you were ‘so busy’? At the moment I have so many competing priorities in my head that I’m finding it hard to remember those days! But, it’s too late for that trip down memory lane tonight; and I rather think Wise Woman would tell me to just stop doing and breathe instead. Preferably while lying down in bed with the lights off.