“Bits and pieces flung into the universe, sticking in the sky like cotton balls on a jet black velcro surface.” Bradley Chico

How gorgeous are sky paintings? A wash of blue artfully daubed with cottony flecks of white and grey, gilded with pale gold and highlighted with a palette of pinks, peaches and amber. Even more so when “fingers of God” reach down from the heavens and touch earth. When I see sky paintings, I am reminded to be still, to pause, and give thanks.

This sky painting was in its early stages – the rosy blush was yet to be cast. Flecks of wispy cloud framed fuller puffs; fading sunlight filtered through. When was the last time you stopped and looked at the beautiful canvas of a sky painting?

I’ve just come back from a walk; it’s time to slow down, to make ready for rest. The moon is the focus of a changing sky painting. A near-full moon with a circlet of gold; cloud-pearls ringing this delicate night light. It’s beautiful. For a moment, that painting was just for me.