Author: Elle Newmark
Doubleday $32.95
Review: Monique Mulligan
RICHLY descriptive and startlingly emotive, The Sandalwood Tree is a gem of a novel.
Set in India in 1947, it’s part historical love story, part mystery – an appealing mix that is well carried off by writer Elle Newmark.
Evie Mitchell has just moved with her husband and five-month-old son to Masooria, but instead of bringing the couple closer together, the cracks are widening. While Evie struggles to adjust to her new surroundings, Martin is dealing with wartime memories he’d rather bury. When Evie finds a hidden collection of letters in their bungalow, she is drawn into the life and friendship of two women from 100 years earlier. If her husband won’t share his life with her, she will just immerse herself in someone else’s – for Evie, this turns out to be as much a journey of self-discovery as it is unearthing long-buried secrets.
A satisfying and enjoyable read, that beautifully and carefully explores the fragile nature of relationships and life.
Available from good bookstores and Random House.