Author: Aimee Said
Walker Books $16.95
Review: Monique Mulligan
I THINK it would be fair to say that anyone with a sibling has struggled with issues related to birth order and fairness. Little Sister explores the “inherent unfairness” of being a younger sibling, with Al counting down the days until her high-achieving sister Larrie finishes Year 12.
Tired of being compared to her sister, Al just wants to be appreciated for who she is. But when rumours about Larrie start spreading, Al realises that it’s worse to have a sister everyone is talking about.
Author Aimee Said delves into teen issues including acceptance at school, cyber-bullying and same-sex attraction in a way that is relevant to today’s teens – think Facebook and iPods. This should strike a chord with teenage girls, or anyone who struggles with being the younger sibling. It could also be a good learning tool for cyber-bullying awareness.
This copy was courtesy of Walker Books.