It’s not you, it’s me… those eye-rolling, ever-annoying, cowardly (?) words are sadly all too true today.

Time for a change of focus.

Once again my body is telling me I need to slow down. This time last year the same thing happened and I spent months off work, eventually leaving my role as an editor – something I do not want to happen again. Those who know me well understand how hard it would have been to stop and rest – I couldn’t even push a shopping trolley. My inability to contribute as much as I wanted to the running of the household heightened my sense of anxiety, bordering on depression, which only made things worse.

Now my wrists have started aching when I type and my tendons to my elbows are inflamed. My shoulders are tight and it’s time to focus on stretching again. To help me recover, I need to let a few things take a back seat. One of them is this blog – it’s one less thing to type, much as I enjoy it. Hopefully, not for long, fingers crossed. In the meantime, keep an eye on my Facebook page.

It’s not a break-up – we’re just on a break.